Welcome to our test type introduction page!

This page introduces you to the various icons we use to quckly and conveniently identify the tests you can find in a certain document.

Both the content and the colour of the icons provide information. The content shows the type of test that you can find in the document, while the colour shows the technology for which the test was done. A test may feature multiple technologies (with multi-coloured icons), if the particular device has the capability.

Fingerprint sensor

This icon and the blue colour identifies tests done on fingerprint sensors. If a device has multiple sensor types, the presence of this icon and the colour indicates that tests were done on the fingerprint sensor as well.


The overview tests introduce the device, give a first impression after opening the box, about the design, installation, and software. It also summarises all the other test results to give you a quick heads up about what you can expect from the device.

User opinions

The user opinions are the collected personal experiences of our test subjects on topics ranging from how hard or easy it is to use the device to special remarks (e.g. a fingerprint sensor heated up considerably after long periods of usage and was inconvenient to touch).

Enrolment performance

The enrolment tests show how much time is required to fill the device with users and the success rate for these actions, that allow you to plan the enrolment process well ahead if you wish to use the particular device

Throughput performance

The throughput performance test shows how much time is needed for an average person to pass through the access point equipped with the particular device and helps with traffic calculations.

Ratio of successful identifications

This test shows how many legitimate identification attempts were successful on the device and how many were falsely rejected or not registered at all with default settings whether it was an identification or enrolment attempt. Along with the throughput performance, this helps with traffic calculations

Contamination tests

The contamination tests show how the device fares when the sensor is contaminated with powders and liquids, simulating a dirty, contaminated environment, helping you to determine whether the device will work in your particular environments.

Distortion and injury tests

These tests simulate sample distortion and smaller injuries by masking out the sample and creating scar and/or injury like surfaces. Along with the contamination tests, this test type helps you to determine whether the device will work well in your production and/or office environments

Positioning error tests

This icon shows that one or more positioning error tests were done. Such tests help you determine wether the device can tolerate negligent or sabotaging user behaviour.

Horizontal displacement tests

This test is done by horizontally displacing the sample on the sensor, such that the sample is placed either beyond, before, left of- and right of the sensor, allowing it to see only a fragment of the fingerprint.

Rotational displacement tests

This test is done by rotating the finger on the sensor left and right along the central axis of the finger, thus allowing the device to detect the edges of the finger.

Hand Geometry Reader

This icon and the green colour identifies tests done on hand geometry readers. If a device has multiple sensor types, the presence of this icon and the colour indicates that tests were done on the fingerprint sensor as well.

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