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The following quicktest shows a summarised and excerpted exmaple on how our full tests look and what kind of information we collect about the devices, in order to give you an overview on what we have to offer.

Each of our large tests address an aspect of the device, like enrolment performance, troughput and much more!

The Suprema BioEntry Plus is an IP based fingerprint scanner for access control systems. It can store two prints per person and is able to read RF cards.

It can be easily integrated to an already present access control system, the reader simply has to be connected to the controller through a standard interface (e.g. TCP/IP, RS485 or Wiegand).

Being a biometric system, fingerprint identification may not work with every user at any given time, due to the fact that fingerprints are vulnerable to external damage, and about 5% of the population does not have a fingerprint at all. Enrollment time for the average user is less than 8 seconds, while pass-through time – considering the human factor as well – stays under 5-6 seconds, which is fairly average. From this point of view, the device can be recommended for any corporation that has average requirements.

Our tests revealed that the device is exceptionally vulnerable to any contaminants on the sample, no matter whether it is liquid or powder type, identification capability deteriorated radically. The device, however, can cope with minor injuries (like those that happen in an average office environment), thus we recommend its usage mainly in office environment where heavy contamination of the sample is not expected to occur.

Our tests have also revealed that positioning errors are only mildly tolerated by the device, bigger twists or rotations can’t be handled, and with certain users, it required especially accurate positioning. We thus recommend informing the users about this limitation when installing the device. Also, due to this, one should only use the device where sufficient level of user cooperation can be expected.

Altogether, the device can be used well in an office environment, where there is no high risk of contamination and no exceptional security risks exist. 

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