Enrolment with the device does not take significantly more time than with devices of different technologies. It is easy to do, and the user will learn proper usage of the device during the enrolment sampling process. The device has memory for 500 users by default and can be expanded (but that depends on the manufacturer, model and distributor). Enrolment performance is as good as the identification performance.

The Handkey II is a robust, and large – compared to the others – biometric identification device. Its appearance suggests industrial use rather than an office environment. The quality of materials is adequate, the design of the casing radiates strength. Apart from the platen (the area where the hand is to be placed), it features a numeric keyboard, a LED display that helps proper positioning and an alphanumeric LED display.

Based on our tests – while understanding the limitations of the device – we can suggest using it in a dirty, contaminated environment, as the rate of failed identifications do not rise beyond the limit for normal operation. You can read more about the device operation in such environments in our stress tests.

You can further read about the device in the following documents:

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