Hand geometry identification is based on measuring the physical characteristics of the hand and fingers. As one of the most widespread method, this technique is not only fast and accurate, but also easy to use. It also works well with LARGE databases, and it’s user friendliness makes it more comfortable for those who use it less often, and are inexperienced in its proper use

The accuracy of this sort of identification is considerably high, while its flexible acceptance rate configuration satisfies a wide range of customers.

Hand geometry scanners have a very wide range of applicability, including timesheet applications, where this technology is proven to be very efficient and popular.

The user friendliness along with its easy integration with other biometric systems and processes makes this method obviously the first step of many biometric projects.

The technological solution of hand geometry identification is far more simple than that of the fingerprint identification’s. The shape of the hand, it’s spatial dimensions are the easiest features to examine. A photo is taken of the hand with an infrared camera, from multiple viewpoints using prisms and mirrors. The infrared light is produced by infrared LEDs, and the unique picture that is made from the reflected light is recorded by an infracamera. After that, using a predefined mathematical algorithm A unique identifier is made from the parameters of up to 90 pixels.

The shape of the human hand is mostly unique, but its spatial parameters can change due to physical, biological or weather effects. For example, our hand is slightly smaller when cold, and its size and shape also changes with weight loss or gain. To tackle these natural changes, a margin of error can be set on these systems, and at every registration even the smallest change is noted and followed in the identification code.

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