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Biometrics Blog

Differences between FRR and FNMR

  • Dániel Martinkovics
  • Feb 10, 2015

You can see the FRR and FNMR abbreviations quite a few times on the website, in tests, case studies, or here on the blog. We have seen occasions, where people used it interchangeably, but that is incorrect. What is the difference then?

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Biometric terms: Part 1

  • Dániel Martinkovics
  • Feb 5, 2015

Welcome to the first instalment of our blogposts about the terms we use in our tests and the ones you may come across when dealing with biometry. Our aim is to make these words, terms and abbreviations understandable and defined in layman's terms, based on the respective standards. Part 1 is dealing with the abbreviations and words regarding performance and enrolment.

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How to train your dragon, or operating a biometric device

  • Sándor Kapitány
  • Jan 29, 2015

Those, who operated a biometric device know that if the device is "left alone", performance will decline considerably and the device may become unreliable. Although many people, as of yet, are only considering installing some kind of biometric system, it is good to know, even for them, what to do when the system is up and running. In this post, we look at the important tasks one must perform from time to time in order to get a reliable system that is easily and conveniently operated by the users.

We can save both ourselves and our employees from a lot of frustration if we pay proper attention. Although many have experiences with conventional systems, we must not forget that biometric identification systems work differently and require different things to operate properly. The devices are used differently, the database is different and in many situations, the IT background is different as well. However, with the proper care, we can make it work just fine.

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What enables a feature to be used for biometric identification?

  • Sándor Kapitány
  • Jan 15, 2015

If one is considering employing biometric identification systems, the first step is evidently looking around the market to see what is available. Soon, one will realise that there are 5-7 different technologies to choose from, and this is enough to raise many questions: Which will be the proper one for our company? Which is harder to spoof? How long does it take for it to return the investment? Which is easier to integrate with the existing systems? What will the employees say about it? Which is the easiest to use? And do they differ that much from each other?

Looking at these biometric technologies, one might ask, why did these few technologies spread around the world? Why isn't there an "easier" or "more secure" biometric identification system, since a person has many features.

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Comments on the article that says fingerprint based identification systems are easily spoofed

  • Sándor Kapitány
  • Jan 22, 2015

First of all, there is no 100% security. This is true for any security system and as such, for biometry as well. Every system can be attacked and with sufficient resources, they can be spoofed and biometry is no exception. The question is what amount of resources one needs to pour into an attack and what are the chances of success. We, as users and security professionals who use these systems must know their limits and handle them with respect to the risk those limits represent.

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