Biometric terms: Part 2

Welcome to the second chapter of our blogposts about the terms we use in our tests and the ones you may come across when dealing with biometry. Our aim is to make these words, terms and abbreviations understandable and defined in layman's terms, based on the respective standards. Part 2 is dealing with the abbreviations and words regarding test types and identification methods.

You can find the first part here.

Algorithmic test

The first type of test a device usually meets throughout developement. This test means that the algorithm working in the device is challenged by different types of samples en masse, and the testers see if it properly matches or generates FAR or FNMR. This is the test type, where measuring FAR has reality and is practical.

Scenario test

In scenario tests, the device meets human and/or spoof samples. It is installed in a laboratory environment, which can be tuned to simulate different scenarios, test parameters can be adjusted individually and test subjects perform enrolment or identification attempts. This method is practical for testing FNMR and FTA rates along with true identifiaction time requirements.

Operational test

This test type is the "real world test". Here, the device is installed into its intended environment for a time, and statistics are made about how it fares. Here, the test subjects are the actual users, who may or may not be avare that the system is being tested, but they are most certainly not trained.

1:1 method (verification)

1:1 or verification is the method where a sample is matched to a single, pre-selected template within the database. 1:1 technologies in access control and time&attendance are inherently multi-factor authentications, because either a PIN, or an ID card, or maybe another biometric factor is needed to perform the matching.

1:N method (identification)

1:N or identification is the method, where a sample is matched to a whole database and the most similar element is selected. 1:N technologies in access control and time&attendance are inherently single-factor authentications, because no other data is required for identification, placing the sample is usually enough to begin the process.

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